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article thumbnailLavrov Congratulates Rossiya Segodnya With Sovinformburo’s 75th Anniversary

Russia17:22 23.06.2016(updated 17:23 23.06.2016) Get short URLMOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday congratulated the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency with the 75th Anniversary of the Soviet Info [ ... ]

article thumbnailGerman Newspaper Suggests West Could Recognize Crimea as Part of Russia

Russia17:08 23.06.2016Get short URL © Sputnik/ Sergey MalgavkoThe author does not challenge the official position of the West saying that in the case of reunification with Crimea "Russia violated inter [ ... ]

article thumbnailThe IOC summit: what will happen to Russian athletes next?

This is still unclear. Bach says IAAF will make individual decisions concerning each athlete. In the event they are able to present convincing proof of their innocence, they will be allowed to participate. But each athlete will have to go through an  [ ... ]

article thumbnailRussian weightlifters are not likely to head to Olympics in Rio

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) is prepared to suspend for one year any national federation that fails at least three retests from the 2008 and 2012 Olympics in Beijing and London, the IWF Executive Board said in a statement on June  [ ... ]

article thumbnailFamous Gamer Imagines Russian Superhero Would ‘Freeze Enemies With Eyes’

Life14:26 23.06.2016(updated 14:49 23.06.2016) Get short URL © Sputnik/ Natalia KupreychenkoCosplay is a contraction of the words costume role play. It is a performance art in which participants called c [ ... ]

article thumbnailGerman Company to Ensure Soft Landing for Russia’s Moon Probe

Russia15:57 05.06.2016(updated 17:24 05.06.2016) Get short URLRoscosmos picked the German company’s PILOT program to ensure a “safe and precise landing” for the Luna-Resource heavy lander sporting an expanded set of scientific instruments.Th [ ... ]

article thumbnailWikiLeaks Founder Assange to Speak at New Era of Journalism Forum in Moscow

Russia10:23 05.06.2016(updated 10:25 05.06.2016) Get short URLMOSCOW (Sputnik) — His speech will be delivered remotely on June 7 via a video conference from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where Assange has been residing since August 2012.  [ ... ]

article thumbnailRussian Satellite for Defense Ministry Put Into Orbit

Russia19:59 04.06.2016Get short URLMOSCOW (Sputnik) — A Russian satellite for the needs of the country's Defense Ministry has been successfully put into orbit, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday."The launch [of the satellite] into  [ ... ]

article thumbnailRussia's Modern Frontiersmen Set Out to Tame Country's Wild East

Under the new law, residents of the Far Eastern Federal District are the first in line for receiving their free hectare, with the government opening the application process at the beginning of the month. In February 2017, the application proces [ ... ]

article thumbnailInternational Isolation of Crimea Non-Existent

Russia18:19 04.06.2016Get short URL © Sputnik/ Sergei MalgavkoYALTA (Russia) (Sputnik) — There is no such thing as international isolation of Crimea, imagined by the West, Russia's Presidential Pleni [ ... ]