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By Katie Williams | Sep 7, 2012

The arcade puzzler is bringing its unique flavor of... vomit... to PC.

Critter Crunch Turns Up (And Throws Up) On Steam

Just look at that spew-coated PC. Look at it. It's... it's... well, "beautiful" isn't quite the word I'd use to describe it, but I suppose if I had to have vomit burning holes in my hard drives, I'd opt for the vomit in that lovely technicolor hue. It, after all, accurately describes what's going to happen to PCs worldwide when Critter Crunch releases on Steam next week.

The puzzler, as described by the Critter Crunch website:

Players take control of the oh-so-cuddly Biggs, a loveable jungle creature with an iron-clad stomach, indomitable tongue and fierce devotion to his offspring. Biggs is in search of the jewel-rich critters that invade his habitat once a season, and using his tongue to pluck them from their vines, stuffs them into the waiting mouths of larger critters. This sets off chain reactions of bursting critters that drop the tasty jewels for Biggs to regurgitate for his hungry family!
Done by the Capybara, the same guys who brought us the excellent Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, we can expected a good play blanketed by crazy humor. Also, lots of vomit. Urgh, not the sort of thing I needed to think about after a nightful of wine. Anyway, Critter Crunch munches itself a place on Steam this Tuesday the 11th, and it comes with gamepad support and two online modes. You'll be able to barf it up for just $7.

source: http://feeds.gamespy.com/~r/gsfeeds/all/~3/mMIgfRvr_gs/1226004p1.html


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