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By Mike Sharkey | Oct 19, 2012

Doctor, chef, cowboy, S&M dude... Agent 47 will become whoever it takes.

This is the Hitman I want. The Agent 47 who remains unseen even when he's right under the enemy's nose, the assassin who infiltrates, observes, plans, and cleverly executes... even if that means doing it all in a ridiculous chicken costume. We've heard some concerning feedback about Absolution's smaller, more linear levels, about Agent 47's magical see-through-walls ability, and about a shift to action over stealth. The latest trailer, Introducing Disguises, tempers those concerns, at least temporarily, by highlighting the elements that made Hitman one of the best stealth franchises ever.

Some real costume gems in there. I especially like the scarecrow get up. Makes me wonder if one of Agent 47's missions will be to give a farmer a heart attack.

The trailer also serves as a reminder that Agent 47 is back in one month. Get an idea how it's shaping up in our recent Hitman: Absolution hands-on preview.

source: http://feeds.gamespy.com/~r/gsfeeds/all/~3/UkcBEO8waTc/1226449p1.html


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