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By Katie Williams | Sep 7, 2012

In the spirit of love, developer Eskil Steenberg has made the ambitious project completely free to players.

If You're Looking For Love, You've Found It

What is Love? Well, Love has been a real... labor of love. Oh, don't you narrow your eyes at me. The one time I should be allowed to get away with punnage is when spreading some love, okay? But for real -- developer Eskil Steenberg has been slaving on his gorgeous, ambitious indie project Love for five years, completely self-funding the thing -- and now he's released it for free. Gosh, this is just the loveliest thing. My heart's all "aww."

Eskil describes Love on the website:

LOVE is a cooperative online first person adventiure game. You play as a scavanger on a small planet who together with other scvangers will build a settlement by placeing a Monolith some where in the world. This Monolith makes the ground lose so that you can shape the environment around it in to what ever you want. Build walls, catacoms, houses and shape your settlement any way you want.
A one-man development team tackling features like AI, co-op, malleable environments, and extensive world lore is a really commendable thing, and the end result looks absolutely gorgeous. The colorful, soft-edged aesthetics look like an achingly pretty videogame manifestation of the fluttery-hearted emotion.

Check out the video below for some gameplay. I know I'll be sinking some hours into this tonight, as should you -- remember, it's free, and there's nothing better than being able to feel the Love. Aww. It's getting all Hallmark in here.

source: http://feeds.gamespy.com/~r/gsfeeds/all/~3/viBwhASg8aY/1226007p1.html


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