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By Taylor Cocke | Oct 18, 2012

The free side of Greenlight launches today.

Steam Greenlight Concepts Introduced

Walking the line is tough. Sure, Steam Greenlight was free to submit to at first, but after a deluge of questionable content, the folks at Valve decided to put up a $100 paywall on potential games there. This was met with a backlash of people saying it harmed the ability of indie developers to get their games out there. Now, Valve has figured out a compromise in the new Greenlight section Concepts.

Basically serving as the "free" section of Greenlight, potential developers can show off their ideas for games for the public to take a look at without dropping any cash. The games put up in Concepts cannot be greenlit for sale on the digital distribution platform, but they can be rated and commented on by players. Basically, it's a big hype machine that's completely controlled by users. Seems like a good way for people with ideas to see if the $100 is worth dropping to get on Greenlight proper.

source: http://feeds.gamespy.com/~r/gsfeeds/all/~3/xFJO15onEiU/1226440p1.html


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