Andalusia property is attracting new investors of late, in the form of middle-class Russians.

This group is increasingly going in search of real estate in prime Spanish coastal areas, according to a recent report in The Moscow Times.

Barbara Wood, a Property Finders associate in Andalusia, explained: "It started off as really wealthy Russians coming in. Now a much wider range [of buyers] is coming."

The increase in Russian activity in the Spanish property market is thought to be a direct result of good accessibility between the two countries and the warm climate.

According to the newspaper, the number of Russian visitors has almost doubled in 2012, with the one millionth tourist arriving in Malaga on October 31st. Andalusia and Catalonia are two of the most popular destinations in the country for both holidaymakers and investors.

This rise in Russian visitors is also changing day-to-day living in coastal regions, with many restaurants now offering menu translations into this language.



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