When looking for investment property in Italy, it is important to consider the homes that will appeal to those looking for an authentic Italian experience. Puglia and its Trulli certainly fit this bill.

The area is at the heel of Italy's boot, bordered by the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Trulli are traditional circular properties built without mortar, concentrated largely around Alberobello and Martinafranca.

They are thought to have originally been built as a way to avoid tax, with the properties dismantled and rebuilt when inspectors came around.

Nowadays, Trulli make fantastic holiday rentals and a Trullo to restore can be bought for as low as €40.000.

For investors looking for a finished product, a three bedroom Trullo, 15 minutes from the sea, costs approximately €180.000.

Linda Travella, who has been selling property in Italy for 25 years, explained the draw of the area: "Puglia has grown in popularity as a region over the last six years and some well known TV personalities has recently bought there, including Amanda Lamb of A Place in the Sun fame."

source: http://www.propertyshowrooms.com/italy/property/news/puglia-trulli-hidden-gem_312470.html


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