Property in Spain is continuing to be popular despite the global economic downturn, according to the latest Quarterly Index by the Overseas Guide Company (OGC).

A massive 79 per cent of Britons admitted that they haven't been deterred from investing overseas and the third quarter of the year actually registered an increase in the number of people looking to buy in the eurozone.

Spain in particular is increasing its popularity with investors and the OGC has noted the number of enquiries they have received about the country has soared from 16 per cent in quarter one to 24 per cent in the third quarter of the year. This takes Spain's total share for 2012 so far to 21 per cent, just behind France.

Commenting on the surge in interest, Richard Way, editor of the OCG, explained: "Let’s not forget, the euro was at a four-year low against Sterling by the end of July this year – no doubt a contributing factor to the especially busy August."

Combined with "knock-down prices" and a thriving tourism industry, Spain is bound to be a popular destination.



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