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When Polly Williams took up running she found it a slog. Then, one day, she dragged her eldest child along. Not only did he enjoy it but, as they ran side by side, she realised she had found the perfect way to reconnect with her growing son

You really do go round in circles. You don't go fast. And you certainly don't go far. When you take a child...

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She came to fame thanks to bubblegum/teenybopper film roles, so when Vanessa Hudgens took on the challenge of playing a homeless abuse victim in “Gimme Shelter,” it definitely shook her up.

The “High School Musical” hottie explained that even after filming had wrapped on the project, she couldn’t let go of her role.

"I had a struggle, for sure,...

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Carey dressed as the Disney princess and her husband was Prince Charming as they renewed their wedding vows. Where did they do it? Why, Disneyland of course

And so to more positive news from Anaheim. It concerns Mariah Carey, whose place in the Lost in Showbiz pantheon of Proper Celebrities has been assured a thousand times before, and will be a...

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A trip to a favourite book store seems to have brought out my inner capitalist. How did that happen? And is there a cure?

I recently paid one of my many visits every year to the Book Barn in Somerset (two warehouses, 800,000 books, £1 each in the browsable first barn, which is divided roughly into sections but is still chaotic enough to allow for...

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Heading out for another mommy-filled day, Jennifer Garner took her daughter Violet Affleck to school in Santa Monica, CA on Friday (May 3).

Looking comfortable for the early morning, the "13 Going On 30" star wore skinny jeans and a sweater while toting her young son Samuel on her hip.

Although Jennifer currently has a lot of time to spend with...

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Delia Smith's 40-year broadcasting career and contribution to TV cookery, which began with a five-minute pilot in which she made "Alpine eggs" in a hastily assembled BBC studio, was marked on Tuesday night by a Bafta tribute in central London, including an award handed over by Victoria Wood. Asked who would come to her dream dinner party, she...

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Finishing off a busy week, Sandra Bullock dropped her son Louis off at school in Los Angeles, CA on Friday (May 3).

Clad in an all black workout ensemble, the "Miss Congeniality" actress kept her head low while making her way past the nearby shutterbugs.

In other news, Sandra will soon be getting busy with filming for the "Despicable Me" spinoff...

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But like Shia LaBeouf, Britney Spears et al, she'll find there's no escaping the magic kingdom

As one of Earth's most conspiracy-literate cognoscenti, you already know that the most sophisticated, secretive and powerful facilities in the United States are, in ascending order:

5 Area 51, Nevada.
4 Nasa, Washington DC.
3 Dulce Base, New Mexico.
2 Los...

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Making for a fun date night out, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters attended the premiere for their upcoming film "Adult World" in New York City on Thursday (April 18).

The 22-year-old actress looked stunning as she worked the red carpet solo in a figure hugging purple dress before later slipping into a sexy black frock while posing with her co-star...


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