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It's easy to make your own crystallised ginger, and the rewards are well worth the small effort
• Why not try some ginger honey cake

Crystallised ginger

Some cooks insist that tender young ginger is the best to candy. Nonsense. In my view, young ginger is highly overrated, because there's nothing like the older stuff to add bite and...

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As well as antiques guides and his own gin brand, Martin Miller now has a group of hotels. And they're all packed with quirky stuff

The Tors Hotel sits on a wooded cliff overlooking a part of the north Devon coast known as Little Switzerland. It's on the edge of the town of Lynmouth, which is all thatch and rushing water, tea cakes and postcards of...

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He may have an image as TV's "Mr Clean", but Phillip Schofield has revealed he had a wilder lifestyle in the 80s. In an interview by This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby for fashion magazine Hunger, Schofield says when he was presenting Going Live! he was a "lad" who "partied a bit". Asked how he managed to hide his "dark side", the Daily Mail...

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A dark and spicy treat cut through with chunks of firey ginger
• How to make your own crystallised ginger

Getting an intense ginger flavour in a cake is easiest if you add it in different forms, from freshly grated to ground spice. While chunks of chopped glace or crystallised ginger look good and add texture, sometimes the flavour can be too...

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On Friday afternoon (April 19), FOX announced that “Glee” is renewed for its fifth and sixth seasons.

The highly-successful musical series keeps raking in great ratings and drives music sales, which is a key factor in its renewal.

“’Glee’ debuted as the first and only successful musical comedy series on television, and more than four years later, it...

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The actor has declared that the character of Daisy, whom she plays in Baz Luhrmann's forthcoming film, is 'like a Kardashian'

Exciting times for The Great Gatsby, which is gifted its second association with celebrity effluent in recent memory.

Only last year, you may recall, the novel was pressed into service by Solange Knowles, singer sister of...

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Going about her daily routine, Jenna Dewan-Tatum showed up at a yoga studio in London, England this morning (April 19).

The pregnant “American Virgin” starlet sipped a freshly-squeezed orange juice as she strolled up the street, showing off her baby bump with a purple maternity top.

And it sounds like Jenna and her husband Channing Tatum are making...

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Despite their split, Justin Bieber is still keeping Selena Gomez close to his heart.

While in Amsterdam for his Believe World Tour, the 19-year-old singer was pictured holding his iPhone, which held his darling ex’s picture as its screensaver.

The snapshot shows Selena on the set of her music video for “Come & Get It.” In the image, the 20-...

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Legal antihero Nick Freeman can also advise on dressing to avoid rape

How is it possible that in almost eight years Lost in Showbiz has never highlighted the work of celebrity motoring lawyer Mr Loophole? It seems unfathomable that, despite the sheer volume of nonsense churned out, not once has LiS stopped its metaphorical tour bus outside the...


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