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For airlines, fuel efficiency, quietness and a unique range far outweigh a battery problem that will be fixed

As Boeing showed off its multibillion-dollar baby on the Dreamliner's promotional world tour in 2011, one quirky feature was regularly pointed out: a sleekly designed but redundant ashtray, a compliance with regulations laid down in a...

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The star's revelation that she lost 25lb to play Fantine in Les Misérables seems to be even more newsworthy than her singing, but how, exactly, did she manage it?

So apparently everyone is just accepting that Anne Hathaway – an actor LiS finds so annoying that she makes us think we may have been too hard on Gwyneth Paltrow – is going to get the bes...

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Squabbling, random nudity, porn and rage … If the tales coming off the set are true, the troubled star's latest movie could be her most deranged yet

Lost in Showbiz knows pain. All addictions bring terrible side effects: those addicted to gambling lose their life savings, and those addicted to cocaine lose their septum. Poor LiS's terrible...

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The actor is interviewed by the magazine and the result is a piece so mindless that it demeans all US journalism

Ah, I remember a time – a time of such wide-eyed naivety. Back then, all of 48 hours ago, I happened across a copy of American GQ and read an interview with Beyoncé that managed to reflect so badly on everyone involved that I thought to...


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