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Worried that the designer was overstepping the mark? Don't be. He was dressed in designer attire from head to toe, so it's all OK

It is not for a shiksa such as myself to delve too deeply into John Galliano's eye-catching outfit choice this week, which featured peyos-style ringlets and a Lubavitch-type hat, and which some interpreted to be another of his thoughtful outreach attempts to the Jewish community.

Galliano was, of course, convicted in 2011 of making racist insults in a Paris bar, which has led some to brand his get-up the antisemitic equivalent of blackface. Others insist he always dresses funny. Funny like the Jews? It's unclear.

Apparently sick of people misinterpreting things, Galliano's publicist Liz Rosenberg has been speaking to reporters, and denying this is in any way a return to The Unpleasantness. "He was in designer attire from head to toe," she explained to the Daily Mail, "including a Stephen Jones hat and Yohji Yamamoto pants."

You have to salute Liz's commitment to service journalism, as she lists the provenance of the "pieces" for any fashion followers keen to recreate the look, somehow without adding "opinions: model's own".

But most of all, Lost in Showbiz loves that affronted-sounding "he was in designer attire from head to toe", as if the mere fact of a designer label and price tag magically insulates the wearer from any accusations of anything. Something for collectors of vintage Hugo Boss workwear to bear in mind.

Marina Hyde

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