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Carey dressed as the Disney princess and her husband was Prince Charming as they renewed their wedding vows. Where did they do it? Why, Disneyland of course

And so to more positive news from Anaheim. It concerns Mariah Carey, whose place in the Lost in Showbiz pantheon of Proper Celebrities has been assured a thousand times before, and will be a thousand times again. The underling whose job is to angle the bendy straw into her mouth; the rider request for "a basket of puppies and kittens to pet" – there is simply nothing madam cannot actually or apocryphally demand that could make this column love her any more. Mariah exists as a lesson to an entire generation of stars who imagine that stardom involves droning on about how normal you really are. "I hate the bus!" she once shrieked merrily. "I've already been on the bus; I don't need to go back on the bus."

Even by her own exacting standards, though, this has been a textbook week. On the occasion of their fifth wedding anniversary, Mariah and husband Nick Cannon opted for a fourth renewal of their wedding vows (the re-plighting of troth is an annual event for the Carey-Cannons). Where? Why, Disneyland, of course, with the entire theme park shut down for the evening ceremony.

Keenly aware that there is nothing so dreary as discretion in our stars, Mariah offered fans a real-time glimpse of proceedings. "Slowly making our way to the freezing cold guests," she tweeted of her passage through Disneyland in a crystal pumpkin-style coach, clad in a copy of Cinderella's wedding dress. "#DonthatemebecauseImadiva." Nick was done out as Prince Charming, complete with swishy gold epaulettes and a troupe of liveried fanfare trumpeters.

As for the precise location of the ceremony, Lost in Showbiz need hardly tell you that it took place right in front of Cinderella's Castle. I know that on one level, Mariah appeared to be remarrying her husband. But in a far more real sense, of course, she was making a lifelong commitment to The Mouse – and I hope we've established that nothing very bad can happen to you once you've done that.

Marina Hyde

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