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The actor is interviewed by the magazine and the result is a piece so mindless that it demeans all US journalism

Ah, I remember a time – a time of such wide-eyed naivety. Back then, all of 48 hours ago, I happened across a copy of American GQ and read an interview with Beyoncé that managed to reflect so badly on everyone involved that I thought to myself: "Ah ha! Mine eyes shall never again read anything so terrible as this magazine puffery and celebrity narcissism – I must write a column about this. To the typewriter!"

Such innocence! For only two days later Vice magazine drew my attention to an interview in American Esquire that manages to make the Beyoncé piece look like Tom Wolfe at his sharpest.

It's hard to tell who comes out of this interview worse, Esquire or Megan Fox, so let's have a Stupid Off to see who takes home the prize for destroying US journalism:

• The journalist opens the article by comparing Fox to an Aztec sacrifice. (Esquire 1 – Fox 0)

• Fox agrees she is "totally similar" to an Aztec sacrifice. (1-1)

• Journalist clarifies "Fox is not an ancient Aztec … she will not go willingly to have her heart cut out". (2 -1)

• According to the journalist, Fox's brow is like "patterns of waves crisscrossing a lake, snow avalanching down the side of a mountain, an elaborately camouflaged butterfly". Her skin, meanwhile, is "the colour the moon possesses in the thin air of northern winters". (3-1)

• Journalist then compares Fox to the gorgeous Amy Adams, who is "perfectly plain", presumably because her brow is not like an elaborately camouflaged butterfly. (4-1)

• Fox "doesn't want to be famous any more," she announces in a magazine cover interview. (4-2)

• She also believes in the Loch Ness monster, leprechauns and Big Foot. (4-3)

• The journalist compares Fox's baby to a character from the Old Testament. (5-3)

It was close, but well done, Esquire. Your tinfoil Pulitzer is on its way.

Hadley Freeman

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