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He may have an image as TV's "Mr Clean", but Phillip Schofield has revealed he had a wilder lifestyle in the 80s. In an interview by This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby for fashion magazine Hunger, Schofield says when he was presenting Going Live! he was a "lad" who "partied a bit". Asked how he managed to hide his "dark side", the Daily Mail reports he said: "It wasn't a case of hiding it. I did the same as everybody else. I was a lad; we partied a bit, but I didn't hide anything. It's just that nobody bothered to look in the right place. You have to remember that doing kids' TV then, you were expected to be the son of Enid Blyton, and that was very difficult. Now you can be much more open, and have a proper life. But then, it was almost, 'Oh, you've got a girlfriend. What type of girl is she?' But my mates and I very quickly realised: don't go into central London and have a wild time. By the way, when I say partying, my weakness has always been booze. I never got into drugs, because I wasn't very good at it." Monkey wonders what Schofield and Gordon the Gopher really got up to in the Broom Cupboard.


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