Never mind the chart positions – Jay-Z gets everything he wants out of Roc Nation's link with the phone company. And so does Samsung

Record companies have spent more than a decade keening that free music was the subsidence in their basement and the dry rot in their rafters – so they are unlikely to be grandstanding about the fact that one of the b...

The battle for control of cyberspace is turning nasty, with young hackers, pirates and activists facing long prison sentences. We report from the frontline

A short, handsome man bounces outside the colossal courthouse on Walnut Street, Newark, New Jersey. He's doing it to keep warm – it is freezing today – and also because he's fired up. His name is...

Video: Watch Edo Competition pit a Ferrari FXX against a Maserati MC12 Corsa on the 'Ring
High-zoot supercar tour organizer Gran Turismo Events held its annual Nürburgring track day last month, and in addition to the amateur punters the gates were opened to two tuned supercars from Edo Competition: A Maserati MC12 Corsa and a Ferrari Enzo ZXX. The ZXX, in case you've forgotten, is the same love child of Edo Competition and Zahir...

Network aims to get consumers embracing new technology such as 4G with advert featuring a cat 'being a little bit more dog'

O2 is to tap in to the UK's love of animals with a £10m campaign featuring a cat that wants to "be more dog".

The mobile network, which plans to use the theme to underpin its push for 4G customers later this summer, firmly...

O2 and BE customers will soon be transferred on to a Sky service, but past transfer fiascos loom large

Home phone and broadband customers of both O2 and BE, who have officially became customers of Sky, are facing a nervous wait to see what this means in the long term for the service they receive and how much they pay.

Sky announced in March that it...

Video: Watch Polestar talk about the development of its super S60

Polestar is getting ready to deliver its first production car, the Volvo S60 Polestar. Letting the S60 stretch its legs, Polestar Racing driver Robert Dahlgren took the blue sedan from Barcelona, Spain to Jokkmokk, Sweden - stopping for wet-weather testing in Germany along the way.

Dahlgren narrates the journey of the "pilot project" that has 350


FCA investigation found that insurance firm Policy Administration Services wrongly turned down and ignored thousands of complaints from phone buyers

The company that supplies mobile phone insurance for Phones 4U has been fined £2.8m for failing to properly handle complaints and rejecting mis-selling claims without investigating.

The insurance...

The writer and columnist takes up our Twitter-based challenge to come up with a story in 140 characters or fewer

"Optimism is Savile Row then Harley St. The surgeon sighed expensively as x-rays and fate flickered. She made a note to cancel his winter coat."

• Maggie & Meis published by Bloomsbury on 9 May (Hardback/Ebook £14.99)

Honda to Build New Transmission Plant in Celaya, MexicoOperation will be on same site as new automobile plant now under construction

05/02/2013 - CELAYA, Mexico

Honda de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (HDM) today announced plans to construct a new transmission plant in Celaya, near the city of Guanajuato, on the same site as the new automobile plant currently



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