NEW CAR BRAND TAKES SHAPE: QOROS ON COURSE FOR GENEVA DEBUT- New Chinese car brand leverages European expertise
- Elegantly proportioned sedan designed to high European safety standards
- On sale in China and Europe next year
- Extensive roll-out program with new models almost every half year

07/11/12 -- Qoros Auto Co. Ltd, a new independent car-maker headquartered in China, will make its public debut at next year's Geneva Motor Show by unveiling the first in a series of new products aimed at discerning young buyers in China and Europe.

As its name implies, the Qoros brand will stand first and foremost for a strong commitment to product and service quality. This will be delivered by a close team working throughout the organization, with all functions coordinated like a well-orchestrated chorus.

To secure the pre-requisites for success, leading experts from inside and outside the automotive industry have been recruited to the Qoros team. Supported by major global suppliers, such as Magna Steyr, TRW, Continental, Bosch, Valeo, Microsoft and Iconmobile, they are leading the development of a vehicle range based on an advanced, modular architecture.

This unique architecture will enable the rapid rollout of a range of models and variants, including the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles. New variants are expected to be launched almost every half year.

The first car to represent the Qoros brand will be a compact four-door sedan designed by Executive Director of Design, Gert Volker Hildebrand. It will showcase a design language inspired by modern European tastes.

Featuring interior space comparable to a larger car, Qoros's first sedan will go on sale in the compact or C-segment, the largest-selling vehicle class in China and Europe. It makes its world debut at Geneva in March 2013 before going on display at the Shanghai Motor Show in April. Sales in China are scheduled to commence around the end of next year, with some first sales in Europe also beginning in 2013.

All Qoros products will be designed to meet high international safety, quality and environmental standards and will be engineered to receive maximum ratings in Euro NCAP safety tests.

Leveraging the power of world-class talent
Established in December 2007 through an equal partnership between Chery Automobile, China's largest independent car manufacturer, and Israel Corporation, a global industrial holding company, Qoros is a fresh, new brand without legacy. It is driven by a passionate international team of expert designers, engineers and marketers who are united in their desire to develop sophisticated and highly individual products.

In addition to design that is both elegant and functional, Qoros products will be distinguished by a strong focus on state-of-the-art technology, with high levels of user-friendly in-car connectivity and vehicle safety standards which compare to the best in Europe.

The company is dedicated to meeting an ever-increasing demand for cars that are highly differentiated from other products within a crowded automotive marketplace. The team of specialists is split between offices in Shanghai and the Qoros headquarters in Changshu, a district which is becoming increasingly important to China's growing auto industry. An all-new, highly efficient production facility is currently under construction. It will have an initial annual production capacity of 150,000 units, rising to a potential maximum output of 450,000 cars.

Qoros Auto Co. Ltd has strong and committed owners, each holding 50 percent of the company. They will allow Qoros's management to operate autonomously in pursuit of all the pre-requisites necessary for success.

The executive team is led by Chairman and President Guo Qian, who is also COO of Chery Group Co, and Vice-Chairman Volker Steinwascher, a senior European automotive executive.

Key directors among the experienced management team include Executive Vice-President and COO Xingcha Fan and Gert Volker Hildebrand as Executive Director of Design. Stefano Villanti is Executive Director of Sales, Service, Marketing and Product Strategy, Klaus Schmidt is Director of Vehicle Engineering, Peter Matkin is Executive Director of Vehicle Programs, Roger Malkusson is Executive Director of Vehicle Integration and Ralf Nicolas is Executive Director of Quality.

Unique business model
In a growing Chinese auto market, Qoros occupies a unique position with a structure distinct from local car manufacturers and international joint venture companies. "We have integrated the best of both worlds in a unique business model, one which sets a benchmark for the international auto industry, especially in China," says Qoros Vice-Chairman Volker Steinwascher. "We have 100 percent control and ownership of our brand, our design and the use of technologies, without having to make compromises."

"We are a new company without any legacy or previous history, which gives us a great advantage because we are starting from scratch with a clean sheet of paper. By recruiting experts in all the essential fields of our operation, we can create a globally competitive product and service network that is designed to fit the lifestyles of modern metropolitan customers."

The Qoros brand begins by meeting the needs and priorities of many of today's younger customers in China and Europe. They are metropolitan professionals, typically aged up to 35 years old, who will not tolerate inferior quality, appreciate elegant interior and exterior design solutions and need to stay connected at all times.

Full details about the first car from Qoros will be revealed at its launch. Meanwhile, further information about the Qoros brand, the company and its products are available at our website:



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