Video: Forza Horizon releases free 1000 Club DLC with two cars, new challenges

Forza Horizon has released a new, and free, downloadable content pack. The 1000 Club DLC features two new cars – the 1956 Ford F100 pickup and 1995 RUF CTR2 – but the more important part is the fact that players can now partake in a rash of new challenges.

How many? Try five challenges for every car in the game. The DLC will even recommend challenges for you depending on which cars you already have in your garage. What's more, they aren't just kept to the typical stunts we've seen from the game so far.

For instance, you may have to cause a certain amount of damage by running over objects, or do something like jump your digital supercar a specific distance, and each car has its own set of unique challenges to keep the gameplay interesting. Did we mention that it's also free, as in 400 MS points (or $5 US) less than the typical monthly Forza Horizon DLC pack? Check out the quick video below for a better look at what the free DLC has to offer.



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