Alexei Navalny blinded and overwhelmed with his election defeat
Tuesday, 10 September 2013 11:27

The Chairman of the Moscow Electoral Committee, Valentin Gorbunov, said that the reactions from one of the candidates to the outcome of the election of the Moscow mayor brought back the memories of the "orange revolution" in Ukraine. "No matter what the outcome of the elections could be, they always say to cancel the voting results and recount everything again just because they lost," the official said. 

It goes about the claims from Alexei Navalny and his election headquarters. Their dissatisfaction with the results of the voting was used as a reason for another rally on Bolotnaya Square.

Mr. Navalny did not conceal the intention to organize protest rallies in case of his defeat at the election. Any result, except for a second round, was declared inadmissible in advance.

To justify their claims, the headquarters of Alexei Navalny used the technical aspects associated with the counting of votes.

This was the case with ballot processing complexes (electronic ballot urns). They transmit information in real time. Accordingly, it takes the electoral commission very little time to process the data from these systems and expose the results.

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One of the first complaints from Navalny was related to these electronic urns. The data from them had not been published for quite a while, which raised questions from the candidate and his supporters. It is difficult to suppose that Navalny's headquarters did not know that Communists requested the data from electronic urns should be recounted manually at selective poll stations. The data from electronic urns was published only after the recounting was complete.

Navalny's headquarters used the situation as a reason to cast doubts on the honesty of the vote count.

After the manual recount of votes was finished and the results coincided, the story quietly died. Of course - it was silly to use a far-fetched problem. If the Moscow Electoral Committee had reminded of the requirement of Communists on time, the problem would have never happened.

Navalny's headquarters used another issue - the preliminary results o the vote. At first, the committee announced that preliminary results would be ready by 10.00 p.m. Moscow time. Of course, the fact that the results came later than was promised was used as a manifestation of fraud.

In fact, nothing of the kind happened. The process of drafting and signing of the protocol at local election committees and its subsequent transfer to the territorial committee takes some time.

On Monday night, the chairman of the Moscow Electoral Committee commented on the situation with at-home voting. This situation remains the main "trump card" of Navalny's team to substantiate the second round of elections.

"It goes about 1.4 percent of the total number of voters. If you're familiar with statistics, we have over 130,000 bedridden patients who are served by social workers at home. They bring them medicines, food and help them contact everyday life services," said Valentin Gorbunov.

He stressed out that not all of those people were able to vote. "This was due to the fact that at-home voting was organized properly, there was a huge number of observers from various candidates, so it took more time for every voter," the head of the Moscow Electoral Committee said.

This time, about 105 thousand people voted at their homes. Valentin Gorbunov said that during the previous presidential campaign, 158,000 Moscow voters cast their votes at home.

"That is actually 60 percent more. No complaints were made. How can one praise one campaign and find faults with another?" Gorbunov said.

Navalny's supporters, may, of course, disregard these arguments.

Anton Kulikov


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