Gay in Macedonia
Monday, 02 December 2013 17:45

BALKAN societies emerging from years of Communism are generally not particularly tolerant or socially liberal. In the past, opprobrium tended to be reserved for those of a different ethnicity or religion, but now being gay has been added to the list. Every year (and often under pressure from the demands of the European integration process) Balkan governments are being put on the spot to protect gay pride marches from religious and nationalist bigots. In this photo story Tomislav Georgiev seeks to shine a light on everyday gay life in Macedonia.

His pictures are part of a series to come out of a 2010 collaboration between Germany’s Robert Bosch Stiftung and World Press Photo who teamed up to help 15 talented young photographers from southern and eastern Europe. All of the essays are here. We are showcasing some of them on Eastern Approaches. The first were Continue reading

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