Meeting Andrej Babiš
Friday, 22 November 2013 12:12

ANDREJ BABIS takes most visitors to the back room of a Prague restaurant near the headquarters of the company he founded. Just weeks after his party called ANO (Czech for Yes) surpassed expectations by finishing a close second in the Czech general election, the billionaire businessman has returned to the campaign trail, hosting rallies and meetings. His “Still With You” tour will run through December 5th

“For the first time some politician came back to the voters one month after the election,” says Mr Babiš (pictured). “Before, they didn’t come back for four years because they had no interest.”

But it is more than Mr Babiš’s marketing acumen that has many in the Czech political establishment concerned. An analysis of ANO supporters in the wake of the October 25th and 26th election found they come from varied socio-economic groups: rich and poor, rural and urban, men and women. Within two weeks of the vote, Continue reading



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