Scenes from Maidan
Tuesday, 10 December 2013 16:11
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“IT BEGAN to snow... lightly at first, but then in large flakes. The wind started to howl; it was a snowstorm. In an instant the dark sky merged into an ocean of snow. Everything disappeared. “We’re done for now, sir,” shouted the coachman. “It’s a blizzard!”

Mikhail Bulgakov chose these lines from Pushkin’s story “The Captain’s Daughter” as an epigraph for his novel “The White Guard”, set in Kiev in “1918 year of Our Lord, the second year after the Revolution”. A snowy night on December 9th in Kiev in 2013 seemed like a page from Bulgakov’s novel.  Log fires made in tin barrels on the streets were surrounded by people trying to warm up. Barricades were made with pieces of Christmas trees, wooden planks and street benches. People wandered around trying to make sense of the revolutionary city’s topography and studying hundreds of black-clad military and policemen. There was a titillating sense of danger and the unknown, a blizzard.

Earlier in the day the police started to clear the areas captured by protesters during a massive Sunday rally which brought at least half a million people onto...Continue reading



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