Russia's chief propagandist
Tuesday, 10 December 2013 12:36

DURING a recent live broadcast from Kiev on Russian state television, a protester pushed his way onto camera.  As the Russian reporter, standing in the middle of Independence Square, the stage of the latest protest in Kiev, tried to describe the scene, the protester handed him a little statue, resembling an Oscar. “Pass this Oscar to the Russian Channel and to Dmitry Kiselev [the anchor man, pictured] for the lies and nonsense you are telling people about Maidan,” he told him on air.

The prize for misinformation and propaganda was well deserved. Even by the standards of Soviet television, the Russia Channel has been churning out propaganda that would have made their Soviet predecessors blush. Gesturing with his arms and breaking his sentences with dramatic pauses, Mr Kiselev, a caricature of a Soviet propagandist, lamented the “barbarically dismembered” Christmas tree that was being used for barricades.  (No mention of students, journalists, old men and young women being pummelled and bloodied with truncheons, pushed to the ground and kicked in the head and ribs.)

Mr Kiselev showed the pictures (people...Continue reading



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