Death of the Palestinian envoy
Tuesday, 07 January 2014 16:02
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A MYSTERIOUS blast that killed the Palestinian ambassador in Prague in his residence on New Year's Day had a potential to grow into an international scandal at a time of American-backed Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. For now though, the fallout appears to be contained.

The envoy, Jamal al-Jamal (pictured), 56, sustained fatal head, chest and abdominal injuries in an explosion allegedly caused by "incompetent handling of a safe", police said shortly after the incident. He died in a hospital of a hemorrhagic shock, an autopsy revealed a day later. A day after the incident, the public has also learnt from the police that the investigators found illegal weapons while searching the ambassador's residence after the blast; the incident occurred as both the embassy and the residence were moving to a new compound in Prague's northern outskirts.

Suchdol, the city district where the two yellow-facaded buildings are located, demanded that the embassy be moved, citing a breach of trust. The Czech foreign ministry requested an explanation and said that the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations might have been violated. But the scandal...Continue reading

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