Poland hopes to sign protocol on transportation with Russia in March-April
Friday, 19 February 2016 14:02

Poland's Deputy Infrastructure Minister Jerzy Szmit hopes to sign a deal with Russia in about a month to regulate motor cargo traffic between the two countries for the rest of the year or a longer period.

"I hope that in late March or early April we will sign the next protocol that will be effective until the year-end or even for a longer period of time," he told a briefing conference on Feb. 19.

"We have started to discuss those obligations that we didn't bind ourselves upon. I mean the changes to the Russian legislation. This document will allow us to cooperate further. One should look into the future and not search for some kind of error, but be happy with the fact that thus we have managed to organize this cooperation," Szmit said.

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source: http://www.rusbg.com/en/poland-hopes-to-sign-protocol-on-transportation-with-russia-in-march-april.html


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