New PlanetSide 2 Screenshots
Sunday, 17 June 2012 20:04
By Katie Williams | Jun 17, 2012

Prepare to fill this lush world with bullets and air strikes.


Following PlanetSide 2's air combat trailer, I've kind of been looking forward to just dropping missiles on all that prettiness from above. Now some new screenshots have been released to further whet our appetites... for mayhem.


Age Of Empires Online Summer Update Goes Live
Sunday, 17 June 2012 19:12
By Katie Williams | Jun 17, 2012

AOEO finally becomes a real free-to-play game.

Age Of Empires Online Summer Update Goes Live

Is anyone here still playing Age of Empires Online? And by "playing," I mean "hammering on the locked door that opens only for money." Well, the summer update's now out, and its fixes promise to make AOEO a far better free RTS.

The official Age of...

The Best of The 7DFPS Challenge
Sunday, 17 June 2012 18:26
By Katie Williams | Jun 17, 2012

Indies try their hand in the FPS genre.

One week ago the indie 7DFPS challenge kicked off, and you may be as shocked as I to hear this, but now, seven days later, it's ended. All sorts of crazy, self-punishing indie developers embarked on a mission to create a game in the genre of The General...
Dota Workshop Opens
Sunday, 17 June 2012 17:35
By Katie Williams | Jun 17, 2012

Additions to your wardrobe or your wallet, depending on how you see it.

Dota Workshop Opens

Hats! You know, I didn't think they'd ever take off, even despite my rabid collection of them in a certain hypercute Korean MMO a decade ago. And these days, no one ever takes off their hat, so you might as well jump on...
Psycho by Joe Dunthorne
Sunday, 17 June 2012 00:03

The horror film that breaks many of the conventions of the genre still retains the power to shock

My mother was inflating an airbed in the next room. The foot pump's high-pitched wheezing sounded exactly like the violin stabs in the shower scene from Psycho. Even though I understood that real murders did not generally have soundtracks, my first...

The Birds by Geoff Dyer
Sunday, 17 June 2012 00:03

A film 'replete with the visual and linguistic trappings of imprisonment' is let down by its creaky special effects

The Birds starts out in a pet shop with birds in their cages; it ends with humans besieged in their home with windows and doors boarded up so that no birds (or light) can get in.

From the outset, the film is replete with the visual and...

Why Emily Blunt can't believe her luck
Saturday, 16 June 2012 22:31

When she was a teenager, Dame Judi Dench took her under her wing. A decade later, she's the toast of Hollywood – and married to actor John Krasinski. Life would be perfect, she says, if it hadn't made her so superstitious

Emily Blunt is describing her OCD with a humorous wryness. "It's very weird. It's only happened in this past year. I've started...

Botanicula Demo Available
Saturday, 16 June 2012 21:07
By Katie Williams | Jun 16, 2012

No excuses - it's playable in your browser!

Botanicula Demo Available

You don't need to feel awkward. I think we've all experienced that anxiety where we question whether an indie game slaved over for months by its developers is really worth the amount we'd ordinarily splash out on a soggy sandwich that we'd kind of...
The next English screen siren?
Saturday, 16 June 2012 00:05

She's saved three half-baked movies in a row, now will someone give her the role she needs to become a superstar?

I was watching From Here To Eternity again the other day and it struck me, while watching Deborah Kerr romp scandalously in the surf with Burt Lancaster, that American audiences in the 1950s simply could not get enough of English...

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