Appleton - It's a waiting game
Friday, 01 June 2012 02:20
Appleton - It's a waiting game

Michael Appleton: Says it is 'virtually impossible' to convince potential new players to come to club

Michael Appleton has admitted it is proving very difficult to attract new players to Portsmouth and he is having to hope his targets remain patient.

Pompey went into administration for the second time in three years in February with debts that have since been confirmed at £58million.Under Football League rules, they are not allowed to sign new players until the club comes out of administration."I have to hope players will be willing to wait," Appleton told Radio Solent. "But it is almost impossible to sell the club to players at the moment."I have to go and do the personal touch with every single player I think can help the football club, sell myself and the club to them, and then hope they will be willing to wait until the back end of the summer when hopefully we will be out of administration and able to do business."But there are a lot of clubs wanting players I want, so as well as a waiting game it's like a game of poker with agents and other clubs."

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