The Russian leader is using a dull-sounding telecoms conference in Dubai to strike a 'devastating blow' to the net, campaigners fear

There are not many reasons for going to Dubai in December. In fact, there are not many reasons for going to Dubai full stop, but here's one possible exception. Next month the International Telecommunications Union...

Rolling Stones, HERE Maps, Night Zookeeper, My London Story,, Todoist, Magic Town Stories and more

It's time for our weekly roundup of brand new iPhone and iPad apps released in the last seven days, from music, mapping and children's drawing apps through to time management, time-telling and crispy chicken promotions.

As ever, games aren't...

Mobile phone makers sign 10-year licensing agreement after 32 months of lawsuits

In a surprising outbreak of peace in the mobile phone world, Apple and the Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC have halted legal hostilities and signed a 10-year licensing agreement.

Industry sources suggested that HTC may have agreed to pay Apple between $5 (£3.15) and $20...

If you own a mobile, it's probably held together by tin from the Indonesian island of Bangka. Mining is wrecking the environment and every year it claims dozens more lives

Suge doesn't have a mobile phone, so he uses a friend's to tell us the news: he doesn't want any visitors and he won't talk. His boss has told him not to say anything....

Some tips to attract mobile-savvy shoppers during the holidaysMobile device-toting shoppers increasingly rely on their smartphones and tablets to sniff out deals, compare prices, check stock and find stores. So much so that four out of five mobile-carrying customers will rely on their devices to shop smarter this holiday season, according to a recent survey by tech giant Google.

The social networking site has become a hang-out for those wanting to name and shame child abusers and superinjunctors

Dominic Mohan, the Sun's editor, was one of several people who told the Leveson inquiry that he wanted to see "a level playing field" between the internet and the mainstream media. He was talking, of course, about Ryan Giggs,...

The novelist and critic takes up our Twitter-based challenge to come up with a story in 140 characters or fewer

"What do you want?" "I want you." "But you cannot have me." It's always the same. Only this time, the plot will twist. Then twist harder.

• Joanna Briscoe's latest novel, You, is published by Bloomsbury.

US Army M1078

In an attempt to make it easier for active and reserve members of all US military branches to get a commercial driver's license (CDL), the Military Commercial Driver's License Act of 2012 was passed by Congress in September and signed by the president last month.

The old process made servicemen wait a year to gain residency where they're stationed

NEW CAR BRAND TAKES SHAPE: QOROS ON COURSE FOR GENEVA DEBUT- New Chinese car brand leverages European expertise
- Elegantly proportioned sedan designed to high European safety standards
- On sale in China and Europe next year
- Extensive roll-out program with new models almost every half year

07/11/12 -- Qoros Auto Co. Ltd, a new independent car-maker



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