Opel Adam

With the price premium of electric vehicles still high, Opel is reportedly holding off on development of the Adam EV to avoid giving customers sticker shock. According to Automotive News Europe, Opel was working on an electric version of the Adam minicar that was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, but the price the automaker would have had to


A Vodafone customer who rang up to complain about recent price rises is offered a reduction in his monthly bill

A Vodafone customer reckons he may have found a way for people to get round the price hike that is pushing up bills for almost 10 million mobile phone customers from this month.

Dan Smith has posted a video on YouTube showing how, when he...

SEMA: We obsessively covered the 2012 SEMA Show

Party's over, folks. Despite the fact that the city of Las Vegas is a-hustlin' and a-bustlin' 24/7, the lights are officially being turned off here at the 2012 SEMA Show. Thus, our bags are packed and we're getting the heck out of here.

In case you missed any of our obsessive coverage of this year's SEMA expo, we've collected our entire smattering


In a sea of gloomy sales, there is hope on the horizon in the shape of the Independent's little brother – but scant evidence having a strong, free website makes much of a difference

Sometimes simple facts tell a simple story. The Independent's little brother, the 20p one they call "i", reports a sale of 304,691 copies a day in the ABC October...

Data compiled for the Guardian shows that average price from six top providers increased by 24% between 2009 and 2012

UK consumers are paying almost a quarter more for their telephone line rental than they were just three years ago, according to research compiled for the Guardian.

The data, put together by broadbandchoices.co.uk, shows that the...

Scion FR-S Show Cars at SEMA

Scion made a huge investment in the 2012 SEMA show, and its spanking new FR-S coupe, by putting hundreds of cars in the hands of tuners. The result on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center is unmissable, as just about everywhere we turn we find another FR-S peeking out at us.

We tried to capture a large quantity of the coupes we saw on


Sales of smart tech devices are soaring as the traditional PC declines. Observer writers look at their impact, which is already helping children to learn, spreading literacy, improving healthcare, boosting harvests in Africa – and making the web giants sit up


For years teachers have been battling against the use of mobile phones in class....

The winner of the UK Satellite Navigation Competition tells you how long will it take to get there, by any mode of transport

The next time you're looking for a place to buy or rent, will you choose it by the distance from where you work – or by the time it takes you to get to work by bus, train, tube or car? Most people actually want to choose by t...

SEMA: Pure Vision Design imagines what could have been with Martini Racing 1966 Ford Mustang T-5R [w/video]

Imagine, for a moment, this scene taking place way back in the 1960s:

"Ford has so much success with the Shelby racing program in the US, they had the new Indy motor that they wanted to get more development out of, they wanted to promote the Mustang more in Europe, and Martini Racing was just coming about. So the idea behind the car is that Ford



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