The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum
• RM Auctions presents the celebrated Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum without reserve, February 15–16, 2013 in Madison, Georgia
• Museum is regarded as the world's finest and largest collection of rare microcars
• Vast majority of m

Page appears to praise man arrested on suspicion of murdering Manchester police officers and suggest he should receive OBE

A man has been arrested in connection with an offensive Facebook page set up following the deaths of police officers Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, Greater Manchester police said.

Police said the man was arrested on suspicion of...

Hyundai Hyper-Matrix

When robots finally assert their dominance over the human race, we imagine the hive mind overlord will probably look something like the creation in the video below. Hyundai crafted a unique three-sided video screen composed of small Styrofoam blocks. Each block can travel on a horizontal axis thanks to its own pneumatic piston and logic board. The

Official: BMW taps Local Motors crowd-sourcing community to design the city car of 2025

Design-by-commitee. It is a term that we usually reserve for cars that are conceived by number-crunching product planners, rather than true designers, but this case might be different. What if that committee was every enthusiast on the planet? "Crowd-sourcing," or "open-sourcing" is a concept employed by upstart automaker Local Motors. The first


Minister plans reforms to boost the number of companies that can raise stock market cash in the UK

High-tech companies from London's "Silicon Roundabout" and the rest of Europe could get a fast track to the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under new regulations being proposed by the government to try to snare the would-be Googles and Facebooks of the...

The row between Google and its Open Handset Alliance partner Acer - which dropped a plan to offer a smartphone with Alibaba in China - points to bigger threats to Android's unity in the world's largest smartphone market

Google's intervention to stop Acer launching a smartphone with search rival Alibaba's "forked" version of Android is reportedly...

Significant glitches reported in service that replaces Google Maps on Apple's iOS6 for iPhones and iPads

Apple is facing its first significant failure in years with a major backlash against its brand new mapping service, introduced this week for iPhone users.

Within minutes of the launch of the iOS6 operating system, which comes preloaded with Apple...

In search of the elusive New Forest cicada, visitors will be able to download an app to scour the area for mating calls

Conservationists have developed a new smartphone app that listens for the distinctive call of a highly endangered insect in an effort to find out whether it has gone extinct or not. The unusual blend of crowdsourcing and...

Tim Mings

If you've ever owned and classic vehicle, you know that keeping one on the road requires a number of untold sacrifices. Of time, of money, and of parts cars.

What about operating a shop that caters only to one specific vintage model? Ask Tim Mings. As a devotee to the Honda N600 and the world's only full-time N600 mechanic, he's owned over 300 of



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