Video: Local Motors Rally Fighter crowds into Jay Leno's Garage

The Local Motors Rally Fighter is a car that neither looks nor drives like anything else on the road today. Even Jay Leno, who seems to have one of just about every cool car in history, admits to not knowing much about it. Which makes for an interesting interview for Jay, and a cool video for us.

One of the neatest elements of the Local Motors product – for those that like to swing a wrench, anyway – is that all of the Rally Fighters are build in the company's facility with the help of the owners themselves. That's a way of getting these "component cars" on the road, legally, without conforming to the strict crash standards for large-scale production cars, but it also means that each owner is really invested in the car that they've just purchased. We'd guess that world-class stuff-jumping ability might be a big draw, too.

Scroll down to watch this fascinating episode of Jay Leno's Garage, and get schooled about the ins and outs of hand-made rally cars.



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